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  • Ruthy Roo


Sold the original 'Tiger' painting in London last week at @theotherartfair to the most amazing couple. I'm always going on about paintings going on a journey....Tiger went to the perfect home. Both of the couple Absolutely loved it (believe me that can be half the battle when you are selling paintings) at first sight. When they told me they wanted to buy it I did cry a bit....I wasn't going to sell this painting as it reminds me of seriously getting back to work after having my boys, and therefore to me it's part of a very important moment in time. My new work wouldn't be happening without my incredible partner and the need to give it another crack before I turn 40 next year...(never give up👊👊👊). Edward had been out of shot desperate to sit on my knee through a few portraits and he managed to photobomb 💣his way in at the end, and this makes it the best shot of the lot.....bye bye tiger xxx🐯🐯🐯🐯🖐🖐🤛 (photo c/o @simoneldon ) @draint_artgallery

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