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Contemporary artists reimagine Brighton and Hove beach huts in miniature.

Vitamin Sea is a unique miniature beach hut exhibition which will take place online at  

This show brings together big names from the contemporary art scene, with over 30 international artists invited to paint and remodel a 1:16 scale beach hut.

The curators Emily Paxton and Pam Glew hand selected artists from Hove to Melbourne, to re-invent the Hove Beach Hut, each artist was sent a model to construct and paint in their own distinctive style. The resulting huts will be exhibited together in an extraordinary re-imagining of the familiar seaside scene. In keeping with the holiday theme, the show also offers artist’s original postcards, from some of the worlds most influential urban artists.

Over 30 urban artists have contributed to this project, including mural artist Remi Rough, and many international artists who are based in Brighton, including street artist Eelus, large-scale mural painter Cosmo Sarson and local painter Ruth Mulvie. Art + Believe and Lois O’Hara’s work will be familiar to many whose work adorns walls, floors and buses across Brighton and Hove. Urban artist Ben Frost from Melbourne and Italian mural painter Peeta will also be reimagining the Hove beach hut.

The online show will offer original artworks, limited edition prints and designer gifts by each of the contributing artists, which will also be available online. 


96 to go, Adam Brigland, Antony H Haylock, Art + Believe, Ben Frost, Ben Gore, Carl Cashman, Chum101, Cosmo Sarson, Craig Keenan, Dave Buonaguidi, David Bray, Designosaur, DONK, Emily Paxton , Jo Peel, Keira Rathbone, Lois O'Hara, Louis Masai, Mark McClure, Okub Oner / Urto urto, Pam Glew, Paul Monsters, Peeta, Remi Rough, Ruth Mulvie, Shuby, Static, Tank Petrol, The Postman, Tinny, Tiny Scenic, Tinsel Edwards, Victoria Homewood, Xenz

Virtual Art Exhibition

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